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TalTech soovib teie abi uuringu läbiviimisel. Eesmärgiks on koguda teavet, kuidas VKE-d praeguse olukorraga toime tulevad. Palun täitke küsimustik siin SMEs: BePrepared! (

Subject: Be Prepared for Challenges in your daily Business Operations

The continued and sustainable development of your firm is of high importance. The Erasmus+ project SMEs: Be Prepared For Supply Chain Risks! thus investigates how small firms in different European countries (i.e. Austria, Estonia, Germany, Greece, Italy and Portugal) cope with the risks they are exposed to in increasingly connected and dynamic business environments.

Your participation in this online survey is highly appreciated as you have the relevant information and knowledge at your disposal. As a small thank for your participation, we would like to offer you a summary of the study, which will give you an insight into how small firms located in the above-mentioned countries cope with the situation described.   

Filling out the online survey will take approximately 15 minutes. The information you provide will be treated strictly confidential and based on the survey results it will not be possible to draw any conclusions to individual firms and persons.

The link to the survey is available here:

Thank you very much in advance for your participation!

Prof. Dr. Susanne Durst
Tallinn University of Technology
Tel + 372 620 3957

For more information about the project and the partners involved please visit:

This project is funded by European Union’s Erasmus+ Programm under Project Reference: 2020-1-EE01-KA202-077891


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