Estonian and Latvian furniture manufacturers met in TSENTER

On April 3, representatives of Estonian and Latvian furniture manufacturers associations met in TSENTER.

Ieva Erele, Executive Director, Furniture Producers Association in Latvia: “Most definitely Baltics need to collaborate and partner up as a region, even we sometimes see competition, there are a lot more opportunities, when we can offer our great knowledge and experience together. You welcomed us very nicely and we’ve been very pleased to visit Tsenter, to see your work. It was great to see that you have also 3D printer, Scanner apparently too. Opportunities where it can be used are quite many, also in furniture production. Of course, I wish you the best and development in this field, as more precise printing becomes on different surfaces, as more opportunities it gives to develop new businesses and ideas.

I was very glad to see that you partner with educational system and give opportunities to scholars business programs. I Wish to all of us, that we reach youngsters and show them more information, so they can find interesting also other opportunities, nut only stylish laser cutter, as forest industry and furniture industry is more than that.

As Association, members where were eager to share experiences with Tiksoja, as robotics is the chance o deal with workforce issues. Great to see how actually entrepreneur can solve the problem, but the same time we need to remind, that robotics doesn’t mean that people lose jobs, it means that industry changes, and we adapt. Instead industry needs great specialists in IT, programming and software development, so the way we work changes not the need of people”.


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