Est-Lat project “Wood & Furniture”

Est-Lat project “Wood & Furniture”

Duration: 10.4.2017 –  9.03.2019

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One of the main industries of Estonia and Latvia is woodworking, but still at least 40% unprocessed wood and logs are exported to other countries. Economic growth in the sector can be increased, if innovations are brought in the sector and export capacity of companies is expanded. In order to strengthen and promote the export of the Baltic States wood and furniture industry, Vidzeme planning region in collaboration with Võru County Vocational Training Center has launched the project “Innovation and export of wood and furniture in Võru County and Vidzeme Planning Region”. Project brings together public, private and educational/since sectors to find reliable methods for successful and innovative product marketing and export.

Wood and furniture sector in both regions is recognized as traditional industry. But there are still lot of opportunities for innovation and developing high added value products. Project partners will unite young and experienced entrepreneurs, students, lecturers, designers, experts of marketing, technology un wood industries as well as potential export partners. It will seek answers to existing challenges in the development of wood industry, as well as help develop unprecedented and competitive export products.

The project is organized in several parts. Project begins with research to summarize and analyze main tendencies and opportunities of the wood industry. Results of the research will help to develop and implement business model and to understand needs of the potential customers to successfully enter the international business market. This autumn wood and furniture entrepreneurs, students and experts from different fields will meet each other on so-called hardware hackathon concentrating on wood industry challenges and its’ possibilities. Participants will form cross-border and cross-sectorial teams to develop over 48 hours’ new exportable products or solve industries’ problems.

For further development of products and enterprises project offers promotional video about the regions and most innovative and design-oriented wood and furniture companies in the area. This video is meant mainly as a marketing tool for the effective international communication about the project and local entrepreneurs. End of the project is focused on networking, establishing contacts and experience exchange. Most active participants will visit one international exhibition, which will be selected based on the results of the research. Also a seminar between our industry representatives and potential export partners will be carried out during the visit.

Each wood and furniture entrepreneur from Võru County and Vidzeme Planning Region have the opportunity to participate in the project implementation and its company’s development. By combining knowledge creative ideas and export markets are few steps away.

More information about the Project:

Võru County Vocational Training Center, Centre of Competence for Wood Processing and Furniture TSENTER, Phone: +372 782 0298, e-mail:

Vidzeme Planning Region: Laima Engere, project manager , Phone: +371 28376912, e-mail:

Information prepared by: Māra Rudīte, Project Public relations manager, Phone: +371 26454562, e-mail:

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