EST-LAT project news – the research for export possibilities has started

Avaldatud: 10. August, 2017

Wood & Furniture has been actively analysing the industry since mid-June to understand as much as possible the tools needed for our business to expand their export markets. In cooperation with the research developers “MeKA”, the Forest and Wood Products Research and Development Institute, project partners will explore two areas – first of all, the strengths, opportunities, good practices and weaknesses of existing entrepreneurs. In the second part of the study, with particular market analyses, we will evaluate and, as a result, we will present concrete recommendations as well as communication channels for the development of our products as successfully as possible to enter the export markets. To discuss the possibilities and obstacles of the wood and furniture industry for business expansion, as well as to make practical recommendations for the continuation of the research, entrepreneurs are invited to participate at the end of August in the meetings organised by the project in Vidzeme and the Võru district.

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