Garage48 Future of Wood: Rebuild Ukrain

Avaldatud: 27. September, 2022

Let’s build, create and revalue the use of wood, for the purpose of rebuilding Ukraine.

It is our 6th year in a row to gather experts and industry enthusiasts to develop the wood industry even further with innovative ideas and never seen before prototypes. This time all the creative and out of the box ideas are welcome to rebuild Ukraine 🇺🇦 in a green and sustainable manner. Garage48, Estonian Academy of Arts, TSENTER Competence Center and Estonian Research Council invite you to create the future of wood.

Whether you have the knowledge and know-how, or you’re passionate about the cause – let’s come together and make a difference!

You can join with or without an idea, as an individual or a team!

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🇺🇦 Ukraine has been fighting a war on their home since February 24th. They need our ongoing support now as much as when the invasion began.

We believe that the Future of Wood makeathon can be a place to contribute to this matter. Let’s create collaboration between Estonia and Ukraine to build, create and revalue the use of wood, for the purpose of rebuilding in Ukraine. World always needs bright ideas to better the industry and the use of its resources.

The event will be held fully onsite in Tallinn and all participants are expected to join us on the spot.

Participants from Ukraine either with full teams or individually, can join the makeathon online and join teams via an online matchmaking event happening before the main event.

The focus topic this year are:

🪵 Modular, circular and climate neutral construction.

🪵 Technologies for rapid design, engineering and production.

🪵 Smart valorization of biomass in construction and long-lasting products.

🪵 Roll-up, Fold-up, Flip-up, Pack-up – products that fit perfectly into, onto or next to modular buildings.
Read more about the the topics under the “Focus topics” tab.

What to expect?

🌳You can look forward to spending 48 hours with people that share the same interest and passions. To work together to tackle challenges that result in new ways to utilize wood better as a building material and through that lessen the environmental effects of the construction industry. 🪵♻️

🌳You will have the best workspaces and mentor to assist with your prototype.

🌳There will be a prize pool to support the implementation of best prototypes 🤩.

💫 That is what great ideas are made of 💫

The end result we seek at the makeathon is either physical or digital prototypes. So whether you are someone who works with a CNC machine, a chisel or a laptop – we welcome you!

Architects, product designers, wood technologists and chemists, engineers and industry practitioners, forestry experts, climate and environmental experts, software engineers, designers, data scientists, marketers and business visionaries.


The workshops are the heart of the action at the wood makeathon and it is no different this year. EKA is kindly offering their amazing and top of the class workshops, machines & equipment. You have access to on-site workshop mentors and to various materials you may need to turn your idea into a tangible prototype. 

For more information check the “MACHINES & EQUIPMENT” tab.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at

Join the event on Facebook for updates.

See you in Tallinn!

Põhja puiestee 7, Tallinn – Estonia Academy of Arts


Garage48 Future of Wood 2022 is financed by Estonian Academy of Arts, Estonian Research Council.

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