Great team of mentors is on board at the wood makeathon

Avaldatud: 31. October, 2022

Once again a great team of mentors is on board at the wood makeathon to support even the boldest ideas and help you bring them to life!
✨ Let’s meet our first mentors from our amazing mentor crew! ✨
🌳 Lauri Semevsky – product development team lead at Wood Competence Centre TSENTER.
🌳 Riho Tiivel – manager at Wood Competence Centre TSENTER.
🌳 Jörgen Dobris – wood industry development manager at Võru County Vocational Training Centre TSENTER.
🌳 Erkki Naaris – wood and furniture industry technologist at TSENTER.
🌳 Maarika Truu – Garage48 host & mentor as well as head of partnership at Single.Earth.
🌳 Ilya Vasilyev – UX/UI designer at Creatomus and an Education Mentor at
🌳 Martin Melioranski – a chartered architect and a director of 3DL at the Estonian Academy of Arts.
🌳 Tõnis Teppand – a civil engineer, lecturer and CNC Timber Lab manager at Estonian University of Life Sciences
🌳 Eero Tuhkanen – lead structural engineer at 369 Pattern Buildings and a teaching assistant at TalTech.
🌳 Kristo Kalbe – Energy Efficient Construction expert at TalTech, HVAC and energy engineer at 369 Pattern Building.
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