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Avaldatud: 13. May, 2021

New video: Product development in TSENTER – the centre of competence of the Võru County Vocational Training Centre

Mart Nilson, TSENTER, Manager: 

The world is not lacking innovative ideas, but rather those who realise them. TSENTER, the centre of competence of the Võru County Vocational Training Centre, is exactly the kind of place where you can turn your wood-related idea – whether still in your head or jotted down to paper – into a finished product.

Jörgen Dobris, Development Manager:

Product development is a topic that we keep getting asked about and it has become one of our main areas of activity. It involves everything from making a drawing or a scale model to creating a prototype. In the process, we use all the equipment available in our machine hall and help make the product a reality.

We have different cooperation partners; for example, we started collaborating with a Swedish designer on developing lamps – it began with making drawings and went all the way to prototyping and manufacturing a small batch. Currently, we are in the process of developing tables and chairs by the same designer.

Ants-Hindrek Tiido, Development Specialist:

Even the simple stool can be developed if you wish to create something unique. With this stool, finishing was the most difficult part – the pattern on the stool is made with a surface printing machine and at the tips, there are laser-cut letters, engraved one at a time.

Astrid Org, Project Manager:

This here is one of TSENTER’s own great product development projects. It is a toy cube, intended to be a part of a larger cube – a pergola for the city of Saue. It is a fun cube containing four games. There are well-known games in this, as well as a new Palm Island game, created by our very own Tauno. For those who love classic games, we have chess, checkers, Ludo, and Circus. So it is a way for grandparents to teach the games of their youth to their grandchildren.

Lauri Semevsky, Development Specialist:

This is one of TSENTER’s product development projects – a bed for the elderly that can be used both at home and in nursing homes. You can see the table with an adjustable corner area, so it could be used for reading a book, working with a laptop, or eating. We also have a deep drawer and a shelf, and a mattress with adjustable height. There are some electrical extras too: a reading light, a radio, and a night light with a motion sensor under the edge of the bed. If you get out of bed, the light will come on, and go out afterwards. At the foot of the bed, there is a chair for reading a book or a newspaper, with storage space underneath it.

ReBanner, a plywood module-based information board with eight portable panels, is built at TSENTER. ReBanner is a reusable and green product.

Jörgen Dobris:

We invite all entrepreneurs, student companies, and everyone else interested in TSENTER, the centre of competence of the Võru County Vocational Training Centre, to develop various interesting products. For that purpose, we have a great team that can advise and support you.

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