Testing and experimenting

  • Testing the properties and quality of finished wood surfaces
  • Analysis of finishing machine options
  • Strength testing of furniture fittings

Product development

  • Analysis of construction options of new products
  • Product development and design consulting
  • Technical drawing and drafting (Autocad, SolidWorks)
  • Marketing consulting

Production management improvement

  • Analysis of production efficiency improvements
  • Mapping production processes
  • Designing technological processes
  • Preparing technological maps
  • Calculating productivity


  • Customized internal training for skill development in machinery selection, market trend analysis, identifying government financial support programs, increasing product development success, entering new markets, and improving productivity.

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Price list

ServiceAdditional informationPrice
Brushing machineBrushing the material with two different drums. Requirements: only softwood lumber, moisture must not exceed 18% Material to be processed: Min thickness 18 mm, Max thickness 320 mm, Max width 580 mm, Min length 320 mm, Max length 2700 mmPrice per square meter detail width

250mm - 600mm – 4.60€ Price per square meter detail width 10mm - 249mm – 5.50€

Sanding machine (broad)Grinding material for different roughness. Material dimensions: Width up to 1350mm, thickness 3-200mm30€/h
Sanding machine (narrow)Sanding of edge surfaces, width 150 mm30€/h
Panel sawingDetail cutting for testing30€/h
Handtools 30€/h
Surface printerSurface printing of flat surfaces (wood, plastic etc). Material thickness 3-100 mm, width up to 1500 mm30€/h
Hand sprayingSpray kit for spraying finishing materials (eg primer, paints).m² with a white knot for € 4.75

m² surface white color 4.33 €

m² white plot of 3.78 €

m² surface transparent lacquer € 3.82

m² with a dark stain of 3.87 €

m² space for an intermediate layer 0.30 €

Automatic spraying line and drying1.      Production of small batches (surface painting, varnishing with high-quality surface drying);

2.      Industrial testing. Developing a manufacturing methodology for industries using spray dispensers and drying lines thereafter.

m² with a white pruning € 2.65

m² surface white color 2,41 €

m² plot of white plot 2.09 €

m² surface UV color 3,12 €

m² surface transparent lacquer € 2.12

m² with a dark stain of 2.15 €

m² space for an intermediate layer 0.30 €

Laser cutterCutting and engraving of wood, plastic and paper materials.30€/h
5-axis CNC maschineProduction of prototypes and small batches30€/h
3D scanner 3D scanning of rooms and spaces (for manufacturing 3D models for furniture, doors, windows, interior design, restoration)30€/h
3D scanner for small objectsCreating accurate 3D models from existing small objects (from fitting elements to approximately 300 x 300 x 300mm objects)30€/h
Product developmentPrototyping product development ideas, product design based on customer ideas, product development process management and consulting30€/h
Production management


Company mapping for production management and / or business software exploration. Supervising the implementation of economic software.30€/h
Graphics Computers and Special Graphics Processing SoftwareCreating and processing visual 3D models30€/h
Laboratory equipment 30 €/h
Counseling 30€/h
Performing analyzesProfitability and marketing analyzes50 €/h
DrawingMaking 2D and 3D drawings30 €/h
3D modeling1)      Creating the product design as a computer drawing with the details of the junction nodes

2)      Based on different source data (photos, scans), creating a 3D model from the object and post-processing the created model

3)      Changing the design of 2D and 3D objects on your computer and saving them as an appropriate format

30 €/h


Room rent

RoomAdditional informationPrice
Conference roomUp to 50 people20€/h or 99€ day
Meeting room Up to 10 people10€/h or 49€ day
LibraryUp to 6 peopleFree
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