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Avaldatud: 4. May, 2017

Hack the wood!

On 20-22 of October, Garage48 Wood hackathon will be driving us into the magical world of wood!

Garage48 Wood hackathon is focusing on building real things from wood and solving challenges in wood and furniture industries. The event will bring together wood industry companies, industrial designers and architects, engineers and wood processing wizards and students from many fields – wood, engineering, design, art, entrepreneurship and others. Come and let your imagination and innovative spirit fly as the range of things that can be built is from small size design elements to a normal-size piece of furniture to a wooden house detail or a mock-up of a real building.

Garage48 Wood is organized by Garage48, Tsenter – Puidutöötlemise ja mööblitootmise kompetentsikeskus / Centre of Competence for Wood Processing and Furniture Manufacturing and Vidzeme Planning Region as a part of Wood & Furniture project in the Estonia-Latvia programme. 
The venue where all the hacking magic will take place is hosted by the Väimela Tech House in Võru county.

We are inviting designers & architects, carpenters/joiners, technologists, constructors, engineers and wood industry practitioners & professionals to hack into wood and build physical prototypes in 48 hours. Industry mentors, Võru County Vocational Training Centre’s Tech House workshop rooms, TOOLS, equipment (including various wood materials) & on-site action-team are all there to help you build your innovative idea into reality and deliver a rocking final demo on Sunday evening.

What skills are expected from certain roles:
Designer/Architect – plans how the product looks and feels, supervises userfriendliness. Can form ideas into models and drawings.
Carpenter/Joiner – knows how to read drawings and how to produce correct parts.
Technologist – knows materials, technologies and machines, can choose the best solution for production of parts.
Constructor – knows ways and can figure out how to best assemble parts to form the whole.
Engineer – knows how to make the prototype strong and durable in close collaboration with Designer/Architect. Can interpret ideas into models and drawings.
Wood industry practitioner/professional – works in wood or furniture industry and knows industry’s processes through everyday work.
All of the above have to work in collaboration to fit the demands and possibilities of the prototype and to have the best outcome in the end.

Spots are limited! Act fast and secure your seat here:

Get more info on webpage:

If you have any questions, contact us at

For the prototype building to go successfully at the hackathon, we will be organising pre-events in both Estonia and Latvia to get you ready for the main event, discuss ideas for the hackathon and give tips for pitching your ideas.

Pre-events will take place from 9.-18. October in Riga, Valmiera, Tallinn and Tartu. Exact dates and registering to the pre-events is announced soon – stay tuned!

Hackathon ticket also includes transportation to the event. We will have buses coming on routes Tallinn-Tartu-Väimela and Riga-Valmiera-Väimela. Detailed information about buses is coming soon!

We will provide some floor room at TSENTER premises for accommodation – so take your sleeping bag with you.


Garage48 Wood hackathon is the opening event of the Wood & Furniture project in the Estonian-Latvian programme. The project is financed by the European Regional Fund and co-financed by the Ministry of Finance. The event supported by Võru County Vocational Training Centre.

Please send e-mail if you have any questions:

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